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WHO’s WHO’s exciting live performances with Townshend’s leaping and Daltrey’s microphone whirling antics receive incredible reactions across Europe and beyond. But it’s not just about the theatrics; WHO’s WHO is widely recognised and respected by their musical peers and acknowledged within THE WHO hierarchy as a band that most interprets the songs of THE WHO with honesty and integrity.

Fans of the band include Simon Townshend, Doug Sandom (The Detours), Peter “Dougal” Butler, John Schollar (Beachcombers), Alison Entwistle and the Moon Family. Gary (vocalist) has been personally praised by Pete Townshend,, and at the recent Keith Moon Blue Plaque reception, Zak Starkey watched the entire set and complimented Terry on his Bass playing. Their interpretation of the original sound is widely regarded as the best (and closest) that anyone will ever get to evoke the feeling and energy of The Who at their peak!

WHO’s WHO began its journey in 1996 and after a few changes to the line up, has gone from musical strength to strength; allowing them to develop their skills to enable them to be able to play to massive audiences throughout Europe and the Middle East. They celebrated the 35th anniversary of "Live at Leeds" in 2005 by touring extensively and performing the whole of "Tommy" and "A Quick One" to audiences in the UK and Europe, amid critical acclaim.

In London on 1st April 2006 they were invited back for a second time since 1998 to play at the “International Who Convention“, performing Quadrophenia in its entirety, which led to Simon Townshend addressing an avid Who audience with his (now famous) comment, “what an absolutely brilliant band Who’s Who are!” They have been regular visitors to The Isle of Wight Festival; having been invited to play there in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

With the raw power, passion and soul of the members that make up WHO’s WHO; these guys deliver far more than your average “run of the mill” band. As history rolls on; they have become an essential ingredient to the legacy of just what THE WHO have left their fans and the world.

Alongside their more intimate shows, Who's Who celebrate an astonishing 20 years in the business in 2016 with a special show at Hammersmith Apollo.

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