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Surf's Up at Ruislip on Friday, and some Classic Rock Music on Saturday at Tropic At Ruislip.
Dear Live Music Fan

So we come to the final week in August when we have two gigs, and we start the weekend on Friday with a band that have been in many times since almost day one in The Beached Boys and on Saturday see the return of Dire Straits UK, a tribute to Dire Straits that I am finally happy to re-book!



We always have such a great night when The Beached Boys are in town. Quite simply it is just one long party, right from the moment that the customers start arriving in the "Hawaiian"  shirts and once the music starts everyone gets up dancing and has a great time.

The Beached Boys were founded in 1999 from the remnants of a Beach Boys inspired band called Endless Summer

The idea to form a new band originated from a request from a television company for them to appear in a programme hosted by Ann Robinson based on American themes. The success of this appearance led them to rehearse a set of songs to take on the road. This was an instant success as bookings for shows and private functions. Their accurate harmonies and tight mix of two guitars, bass, drums and keyboard create the nostalgic feel of those fun days from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Listen in amazement as Dave, Paul, Kevin, George and John recreate the super summer sounds of Brian, Mike, Carl, Al and Dennis, who made up the inspirational and very different California group The Beach Boys. Hits like 'Little Deuce Coup', 'I get Around', 'Surfin Safari' and 'Help Me Rhonda' should get you yearning for the sun and surf.

With their neatly trimmed harmonies, the Beached Boys magically capture the original sixties surfing sound of the Beach Boys. In the sixties, at the height of their original popularity, the Beach Boys propagated their own variant on The American Dream, painting a dazzling picture of beaches, parties and endless summers.

Quote from Kingsley Abbott - Record Collector. August 2009  No 365.

"Here in the UK, after many years of Gidea Park being the mainstay, there are now many Beach Boy styled bands on the circuit, with the Beached Boys currently being considered the best".

This night is always one of those nights when there feels to be just the right number in the room, enough folk for a great atmosphere but not too packed to dance, if you have never been to see them…you should. But bring THAT shirt and THOSE dance shoes.

Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm where is is only £12 pre-booked.



Dire Straits:UK is a relatively new UK based tribute band to Mark Knopfler’s legendary Dire Straits     . The band has that launched in 1977 has spawned some of the greatest loved songs of all time including Sultans of Swing, Walk of Life, the iconic Money for Nothing and the spine tingling Romeo and Juliet. At the height of their career, Dire Straits were the biggest stadium live band in the world and their 1985 Brothers in Arms tour at Wembley and 1992 On Every Street tour were major highlights in the rock history. 

Formed in 2015, 6 piece Dire Straits:UK tributes the energy and arrangements that made those live shows so iconic, bringing the feel and personality of the original band back once again to live audiences with jaw dropping accuracy. 

Filling the role of Mark Knopfler is David Knight, a life-long Dire Straits fan who started playing guitar almost immediately after hearing Sultans of Swing for the first time. David’s guitar style was heavily influenced by Knopfler and he has worked incredibly hard to faithfully re-create the guitar parts and sounds synonymous with each of the songs. 

Providing Chris White’s wonderful Saxophone lines, on loan from chart topping band “Madness” is Steve Turner. Steve has played with the real Madness for over 9 years and with his own Madness tribute band for 13. His love of Dire Straits attracted him to join DS:UK.

Next in the line up is Rick Benbow, who’s professional credits include touring with Jewel and arranging for Status Quo. He’s also played with nearly every major Pink Floyd tribute band in the UK! 

Bass guitar is provided by Alistair Begg full time professional bassist. Al works with a number of bands including the critically acclaimed Lee Abraham Band, The Lachlan Horne band and EverClare as well as being one of the few professional Chapman Stick players in the world.  

Alec Heald plays drum, who’s attention to detail brings Chris Whitten, Terry Williams and Pick Withers’ parts back to life! Alec spends his time drumming with his band the Rockhoppers and  working across the South as a successful session musician.

Finally, Kata Benocz provides the rhythm guitar in her first professional role since graduating as a Master of Music in 2014.

Dire Straits:UK is a band of outstanding professional and dedicated musicians with the experience and talent to bring Dire Straits back to life with an unparalleled accuracy that will have you believing that the band has re-formed.

Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or the usual web links where pre-booked it is only £12.






Debbie and Andy seem now to have taken a residency with us for the Friday before Bank Holiday Weekend with their ever popular "Duo Show" where you not only get all the massive Blondie hits (first set) but after a show break we carry on with a set of songs from the likes of Kim Wilde, The Jam, Madness, Soft Cell, T-Rex, The Clash, The Eurythmics etc. A real poptastic selection.

BOOTLEG BLONDIE is the Official Deborah Harry & Blondie tribute band and the only Blondie tribute to play at the legendary CBGBs in New York City before it's sad closure in 2006. CBGBs was the Holy Grail of American Punk and New Wave, where the real Blondie first kicked off their career. The Bootlegs have also played the Isle Of Wight Festival, the 100 Club & Hammersmith Palais in London, Eric’s in Liverpool and appear regularly at many top venues and festivals around the UK and Europe.

Debbie Harris and the boys have met the REAL Blondie and been officially endorsed by the band. Deborah Harry got in touch when she heard we were playing CBGBs in New York City to wish us good luck and when Clem Burke, Blondie's charismatic drummer, found out that we were making a replica of his Premier drum kit, he arranged for us to meet him and signed our bass drum skin. During the 2010 Blondie tour of the UK we took Clem out for a trip around London in our tour bus, he signed that too!!!! In 2014 Clem invited Debbie Harris along to a recording session at the famous Foo Fighters 606 Studio in Los Angeles, where Dave Grohl made the film Sound City reel To Reel featuring Paul McCartney recording the Grammy winning song Cut Me Some Slack.

In March 2016 Debbie and Andy got married and to their great delight received two video clips from both Blondie and Deborah Harry herself congratulating them on their wedding!

Debbie Harris, lead vocalist of Bootleg Blondie, has the looks, the voice and the attitude of the original Blondie bombshell and like her heroine is typically outrageous on stage. She has been known to wear dustbin liners, thigh length boots and t-shirts with more holes than t-shirt! Debbie's pride & joy is her guitar which she plays during her show and is signed by all the Blondie band members.

Doors are at 8.30 as usual and a 9.30 start and tickets are £12 pre-booked.

Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm


Nothing sadly.


Well sadly the number of people that came to see both The Zimmermen and SNOG really meant neither gig was a great success. I realise that it is the summer and folks are on holiday but it was all a bit of a shame. If you were one of those that did come then I am VERY grateful to you.

The Zimmermen as always put on a thoroughly entertaining show and played, and sang, the music of Bob Dylan in their own inimitable style and SNOG (a tribute to Kiss) arrived at 4 pm and set up the most amazing stage gear we have seen sine The Floyd Effect were in town I think! Such a shame so few witnessed it. The set was one and three quarter hours of all Kiss songs from end to end and was loved by those that did come.

Both deserve another crack at the whip but I do wish a few more people would try these slightly "fringe" bands.

I think that is all

See you soon



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