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Below is a copy of the most recent Tropic At Ruislip newsletter (minus the jokes!).

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Come and celebrate our 10th Birthday with The Rollin Stoned Friday and Du Bellows and The Second Sons on Saturday.

Dear Live Music Fan


(Please note this e-mail was written on 19th February)




A few statistics.


Lowest attendance: 19


Highest: 303


Number of gigs: 622


And a scary one. Number of gigs pulling less than 100 = 139 (or almost 1/4 of them!!!)


At the start of Tropic' the late George McFall, with whom I was in business, booked the bands in and George took some risks and booked in some quality acts who sadly the people of Ruislip had probably never heard of and so never came out to see. Ben Waters, Robbie McIntosh, and Jet Harris to name but three.


As I found out to my cost when I booked in my very first band after George became ill the fact that a band have had a million selling hit single and knocked The Beatles off the top of the Hit Parade is no guarantee of an audience and I was both gutted and amazed when only 79 turned up to see Thunderclap Newman (even having Mark from Big Country on drums does not help it seems).


I have had a few famous faces on the stage over the years but my favourite one to sneak in was Bev Bevan who drummed for us on one occasion. If you have no idea who he is see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bev_Bevan


Now of course I focus mainly on tribute bands, which tend to garner a greater audience and lets face it for a lot of these bands you cannot actually go out and see the real thing anymore as they are either no longer together as a band or, in a lot of cases, sadly no longer with us.


Running Tropic' over these last 10 years has been a lot of fun and a great learning curve. Just when you think everything is set up and running as it should something steps out of the shadows. Only yesterday my e-mail system that runs all my bookings (etc.) failed totally. It turned out to be an update on my PC to my anti-virus system that had stuck a knife in, but that is four hours I will never get back, and today (Tuesday) I will be in the club carrying out some repairs to the lights (which are actually like the Forth Rail Bridge and always seem to need something fixing). And to think some folk have the nerve to say I only work one evening a week, and I am married to one of them!


It is interesting to note that the e-mail list for Tropic' stands at a little under 6,000 people, and NEVER seems to grow! For sure new people join it every week, but these are balanced by those that also leave it so it seems. So I do have to keep going out and trying to find new customers.

Facebook it seems is a good way to seek out new people and on Facebook (which I confess I really do not understand) we have 1,288 "Likes" and 1,360 "Followers" which is...well no idea if I am honest, but must be better than none! I post on there once a week and the gigs get listed, some by me, some by the bands, and some by people and I have no idea who they are…it is all a blur. Sometimes when I list a gig I get a "notification" that somebody has added the name of somebody I have never heard of next to it. That is fun, and another two minutes I will never get back as I seek out this "notification".


So, I have run Tropic' very much by the seat of my pants (as you can see from the above) now for 10 years if you include the time George was running it with me and it is quite a milestone.


Thanks to Phil for doing the sound more or less week in week out, thanks to Dave who helped on the door for several years, and thanks to Ian who now does it. Thanks to the bar staff and all the staff at the club over the years, and a special thanks to Leo and Karen, the present team, who really are wonderful.


But my biggest thanks have to go our to you, the customers, who come and see the shows, some week in week out, and some just a handful of times a year. Without YOU  there would be no Tropic'. SO THANK YOU.








SOLD OUT still, there may be some late availability or you could try just turning up on the night and see how many of those that have booked just do not turn up (a major headache on a night when we are sold out if I am honest as my crystal ball is still at the menders). I can tell you that those than are coming will see a great show and by way of celebrating 10 years even get some BIRTHDAY CAKE! PLUS if they come again on Saturday (see below) will get in to another gig of their choosing later in the year totally free!


Keep an eye on the web site to see if any tickets before available, it will be on there if they do.








It's a unique form of storytelling woven through a progressive, soulful music from which Du Bellows draw their creative sustenance.


As a powerful live act from West London, this four-piece is led by Merthyr-born Jade Danielle Williams (The Voice Contestant 2018, Team Tom)– who as vocalist and lyricist – acts as the band’s lightning rod, front of stage and lost in the music.


Capable of ranging from acoustic subtlety to a fully fuzzed loudness, Jade’s voice brings an irresistible warmth to the imaginative harmonics of the band as 2017 finds Du Bellows release their eponymously titled debut EP that was recorded and produced by production maestro Chris Kimsey (The Rolling Stones, Terry Reid, Psychedelic Furs, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Killing Joke). Jade has also collaborated with The Sharks and the Chris Kimsey-produced band The Second Sons.


With their first European tour completed in spring 2017 – having played sold-out dates across Germany and Holland in support of The Doors Alive – Du Bellows also recently invited John Perry (The Only Ones) to guest with them at the Half Moon in Putney, south-west London. Perry was also invited back to play with Du Bellows at their sold out 'Unplugged' show at Olympic Studios in Barnes which was hosted by Chris Kimsey. With Seb Willis on lead guitar, Rich Leeds on bass and David Watkinson on drums, Du Bellows' live shows afford a rare depth of sound that has compelled Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin to say that "there is a cosmic counterpoint alive and well here”.


Du Bellows continue to impress and arrest with their full electric sets while supporting established artists such as The Pretty Things, Pere Ubu, Garland Jefferys and Mick Ralphs Blues Band.


The track 'Black Wolf' – from the new EP – will be the band's first single release and will be accompanied by their first music video. It's a song whose power has been recognised and has been played (with their unreleased track 'Happiness') on the Adam Walton Show on BBC Radio Wales. They have also appeared as live guests on the Gaby Roslin Show on BBC Radio London and on the Ruth Barnes Show on Amazing Radio.


"There is a cosmic counterpoint alive and well here.” - Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin.

(what the XXXX is he on about here!)


I have learned that this will be the last Du Bellows gig for some time, so if you saw them last time and liked them don't miss your last chance for a while….




"The Second Sons are the best thing to happen to rock n roll since Booker T fell in with the MG’s. I absolutely love their new songs. While being just about as old as Elvis, it's also entirely and excitingly brand new. It drives like a freight train and punches like a very young Mike Tyson. In a bleak and strange time -- I write from the middle of America -- this band gives me hope for the republic of rock n roll." - Rich Cohen, contributing editor, Rolling Stone


Nominated “Best Rock Band 2018” by the Unsigned Music Awards


The night will start with The Second Sons on stage at 9 pm sharp, tickets are only £10 pre-booked and as I type we are NOT busy, which is a crying shame. Will probably add to the "Less than 100" statistic above.


Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links and if there are any cakes left from Friday I will bring them down!








A band of few words it seems. All I have is


"Ultimate Coldplay are a live tribute to Coldplay. Based in the UK and performing all the Coldplay hits and more in a brilliant sound and look a like show."


which I think is a record for a paucity of information.


That aside they obviously let the music do the talking and actually quite a few have booked to come in and see it and it will not add to the "Less than 100" statistic above, so that is great.


Of course they are a new band to us in Ruislip and I confess I do not know the music that well so I for one am really looking forward to it and opening my ears to something new.


Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links.




It was at the top of this message!




The Strange Doors were, as ever, brilliant. Mix the organ sound in with "Jim Morrison" and you have a blend that just works. I really enjoyed it, even if I did manage to screw the ending up (you had to be there, 10 years down the road and I still manage that!). There is no date in the diary for them to return as I type.



I think that is all, see you soon.





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