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Below is a copy of the most recent Tropic At Ruislip newsletter (minus the jokes!).

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18th May 2017


Guns Or Roses and A Foreigners Journey come to Ruislip.
Dear Live Music Fan

 I suppose I cannot start my epistle without mentioning the shocking events in Manchester where people doing just what you and I do week in week out, going out and enjoying life, found themselves mixed up, through no fault of their own, in the distorted beliefs of some twisted individual. Terrible.

PERSONALLY my view is that "The Show Must Go On" and that Take That did the wrong thing in pulling their gigs and Jim Kerr and Simple Minds were correct in carrying on and playing in Manchester last night. If you change what you are doing or plan to do then the bad guys win. I am going to see a play at the theatre on Sunday in London… and go I will, whatever.

 Moving on. 



 As it says on the web site:- 

Guns Or Roses are the ultimate tribute to 'the most dangerous band in the world' - Guns N' Roses. Despite only forming in 2009 they have already attracted a large and loyal fan-base which continues to expand every time they play.

 Regularly packing out venues and consistently blowing audiences away with the accuracy of their performances, this top class tribute has even been rated as better than the real thing!

 Guns or Roses re-create the classic 'Use Your Illusion' line-up, expertly bringing the look, attitude and unmistakable sound of GN'R to life. They play an extensive set which includes all the hits such as 'Sweet Child of Mine', 'Welcome To The Jungle', 'You Could Be Mine' and 'Paradise City' as well as an ever changing selection of album tracks.

 Their show often includes other live elements from the original band's shows as well, such as popular live covers and the famous Slash 'Godfather' guitar solo. 


I perhaps ought to mention here that this Guns' tribute have been in to us before but not for several years and it is not the same band as the one we had last time (you had to be there to know why I am mentioning this!).

 Tickets for this Friday are ONLY £10 and as it is a Bank Holiday weekend we are not going to be that busy (maybe this is a good thing as it does look like being quite warm!). So come on down and have a great night with us. 

Book now at www.tropicatruislip.co.uk or the usual web links.




 As it says on the web site

 Well known all over the World, Foreigner and Journey are giants of the genre best known as Adult Orientated Rock and have been huge draws as live acts since forming in the 1970’s. The two bands have achieved massive commercial and critical success and both sold in excess of 80 million albums, their supreme musical quality meaning that they’ve never been victims of trends or passing fashions. Sadly for those in the UK, their shows over here have been few and far between,

Thankfully the next best thing is here A FOREIGNERS JOURNEY

The band have toured throughout the UK and Europe for the last 6 years and headlined a number of festivals, safely establishing themselves as one of the most respected and know tribute shows around. 

Cherry picking the very best songs from each of the two bands, bonafide rock classics such as (the massive) ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, ‘Separate Ways’, ‘Cold As Ice’, ‘Juke Box Hero’ Waiting For A Girl Like You and ‘I Want To Know What Love Is.

A Foreigners Journey take things much beyond a mere ‘tribute act’ and turn their show into a living, breathing and powerful show. Guaranteed to be an evening to remember and real treat for all those who love quality, commercial rock.
 ‘‘Come and check out this amazing band, they really ROCK!’’

Jeff Pilson, Foreigner


This band always put on a great rockin' show for us when they appear and never really draw the size of crowd they deserve, if you have never seen them then you should.

Tickets are £12 pre booked at www.tropicatruislip.co.uk or the usual web links.



I am delighted to advise you that the supporting show for The Pistols next year will be a new band to Tropic', and a Joy Division tribute called Transmission. This gig will be on 27th April 2018.

I am equally delighted to let you know that I have arranged for Ultimate Elton to return on a Friday and with the FULL LIVE BAND. We have only ever does this show once in the past and it was a corker. Mark 11th May 2018 in your diary now…..oh, OK so you cannot buy a diary for 2018 yet….

FINALLY, for all you U2 fans out there I have arranged for the excellent U2 Baby to return to us on 20th April 2018.


Well we had a great night with Dr Feelgood and Red Butler on support where the latter did this really weird thing with three people playing two guitars, you had to see it to really appreciate it but is was a bit spooky! Dr Feelgood did, of course, give us a stonking set of Pub Rock like only they can do.

Anyway thanks to all those that came along.

I think that is about all.





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