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The Rollin Stoned and Could it be Magic this weekend and The Alter Eagles next at Tropic At Ruislip.
Dear Live Music Fan,


So this weekend we have the first of our "World Cup Escape" nights where, to kick off (sorry) we have something on to avoid having to watch the football on both Friday and Saturday night.

(Please note the football with be on in the main bar if you MUST watch some of it.)










Please allow us to introduce ourselves...


Hope you've got the name, if what's puzzling you is the nature of our game, then perhaps the following excerpts may help in giving it away.


"....the overall sound, particularly of the older numbers, was probably more “authentic” than the (current) Stones themselves could muster" Times Rock review (David Sinclair)


.... the nearest thing to the real article” was the view of one reviewer who claims to have seen them all in 'The Times', “.... about as true to the originals as you can get” raved another and “Just like the real thing” enthused rock star photographer Gered Mankowitz at his recent private view. Indeed Keith Richards' own mother, Doris, was kind enough to describe us as “outstanding” and fit to “stand in for the Stones” which is about as good an endorsement as any could wish. Well we could go on, but you get the idea, it’s not just enthusiastic fans who rate The Rollin Stoned so highly, it's the people in the know and those from the Stones' inner circle.


With a Rollin Stoned show, the costumes are shamelessly camp, gaudy and absolutely fab, the instruments genuinely vintage and the wit irreverent. However while the tongue is never far from the cheek we make sure it is never to the detriment of the music. This band is not to be confused with the grotesque parody on parody 'Stella Street'-Lite Stones bands that abound, nor a bunch of seasoned old pros, opportunistically hitched on to the “Tribute Bandwagon” for an easy ride. What clearly comes across to audiences seeing the band at work is the passion we all have for the music of what is, cliché or not, "The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band" the world has seen.


A typical two hour show includes not only all the classic crowd pleasing hits, but is spiced with enough eclectic selections from the deeper recesses of Stones Album archives to satisfy the most demanding of “Buffs”, all performed with the same vibrantly authentic attack and raw energy that characterised the original Stones shows in their prime.


We are not looking that busy for Friday so this could be the chance to really strut your stuff to the music of the Rolling Stones and remember they will NOT be back in January like they normally are, so don't miss your chance to catch them for the final time in 2018, book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links.






Could it be Magic have been performing as a Take That Tribute Show since 2007 and have worked extensively all over the UK and at times have "Ruled the World" performing in Europe and beyond.


The list of clients they have performed for is almost endless but include Butlins, Pontins, Copthorn Hotels and Hilton Hotels as well as corporate events for the likes of Macdonalds and Colgate.


They have also shared the billing with Lamar, The Cheeky Girls and Peter André and been performing at events with members of the casts of Hollyoaks, Strictly Come Dancing and Coronation Street as well as various "Party in the Park" type events.


Could it be Magic will take you on the full Take That journey from their beginnings and early songs such as Relight My Fire, Everything Changes But You and Never Forget and then bring it right up to date with more recent material.


As a Take That tribute they are somewhat unique as two members have actually performed with Gary Barlow himself...having made it through to Boot Camp on X-Factor in 2012.


Come and see the band soon and you will have your Greatest Day.




Tribute to the sounds of the Four Seasons and the long running West End show.


With hits like Oh What a Night, Big Girls Don't Cry and songs from the movie Grease and Dirty Dancing.


Floor filler after floor filler...after floor filler.


This really is a "Dance All Night" show and again, probably as it is the World Cup, we are not looking anywhere near as busy as we normally are, so come on down and strut your stuff. Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links.








Another chance to escape from watching the World Cup on TV and catch one of the finest bands to grace the stage at Tropic' and as I type there is NO DATE FOR THEIR RETURN in the diary, so it could well be sometime before they are back.


The Alter Eagles are an experienced, authentic Eagles tribute band. Formed in 2003, they perform the whole repertoire of Eagles tracks, from tasteful country rock - complete with full harmonies - through to hard rocking numbers, showcasing the Eagles' trademark duelling electric guitars. The current set comprises material from 35 years of Eagles' performances, up to and including 2007's Long Road Out Of Eden.


Lauded for their accuracy, the Alter Eagles are a tribute to the Eagles, pure and simple and in a typical two hour set play many of the band's greatest hits, including Hotel California, Desperado, Life In The Fast Lane, How Long, Lyin' Eyes, Take It Easy and One Of These Nights.


"Truly rocking....an audio illusion of the highest calibre."


"Their performance of the Eagles' music was superb and the standing ovation from the packed audience was truly deserved."


"Being ardent fans of the Eagles since the 70s, we were thrilled to hear their renditions of songs such as Take It Easy, Desperado and Hotel California...absolutely excellent."


Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links.






One of the booking forms is being targeted by spammers, it is not too bad at present and I have added an extra line to it to try to thwart them but if it becomes a problem the only thing I can do is move the form to a new URL, which is not a problem UNLESS you have a link to it saved somewhere. So, if you have the address of one of the forms saved as a short cut and suddenly it has gone you will know why!




I have had a batch of drinks coasters made up for the local area, Ruislip, Ickenham, Uxbridge etc. I have them with me for buying at a gig or you can have them posted out to you (or you can collect them pre-gig if you are not actually attending a show).

For all the details on how to get one please see http://www.ruisliponline.com/coaster/


They are very good quality, £3 each,  cannot be bought in the shops and once they are gone they are gone.




The Mods will return on Good Friday 2019, 19th April 2019

The Honeyslides will return on 24th May 2019


Progfathers will return with their new line up on 4th October 2019


Soul of Santana will return on 22nd November 2019


Bookings are being taken for all of the above, as with any gig that has been listed on the web site.






What can I say….what an audience! If you were one that came in to see the return of The Bohemians can I seriously thank you very much, I have never know an audience so "up for it" and it made such a difference to have an enthusiastic crowd in as we were no full by any means.

I thought the band put on two terrific sets of music and they said afterwards that they had honed the set list to what they think would work best with us (they are normally a theatre band) and I think they got it right!!


The Bohemians will return on 4th January 2019 and kick us off in to 2019.




I think that is all, see you soon and remember at this time of year we are usually not that busy so if you pop down to a gig you should not find us packed to the rafters.




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