The Tropic at Ruislip office is closed between 20th and 29th June

I will be acknowledging bookings from my mobile phone between these dates, so they may not be acknowledged in the usual timely manner.

For The Faces Experience on 23rd June

It is possible that your acknowledgment may not come to you before the gig, do not worry about this so just turn up.
If you booked before 6pm on 23rd June we will have it.

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Please use this form to alter an existing booking

If you actually wish to make a new booking do that on the new bookings form and not here

Please send it before 6 pm on the day of the gig.

Your manual will be sent by a person (!) - but will just be a copy of your alteration.
You should firstly get an automatic acknowledgement.

Name including surname

This MUST be the name the booking was made in

If you want to ALTER an EXISTING BOOKING you are in the right place, if not then go here

Name AND SURNAME please

Please note this is not the right form to use to make a brand new booking. Instead go here

E-mail address - care - must be valid

Type with care please

Name of band you have booked for  - IMPORTANT!!

If more than one band/gig please use a different form each time

Phone number (in case of last minute cancellations etc.)

Please provide a phone number - it helps in case of problems.
It will NOT be used for marketing, that is a promise.


Please type in the box to the right here how we should change it.

If you have to cancel it helps if you can put, say, "Booked for two (or whatever), cannot make it"

If you need to alter number please put, say, "Booked for three, (or whatever), now need five"

If you need to check a booking please put, say. "Thought I booked for six, can you confirm"

Please do NOT just write
"Increase by two"


Please don't just put "cancel". Please say how many the booking was for if you are cancelling all your tickets, e.g. "Cancel all four", if you do it helps enormously, also a change say (by example) was 4 and now 5 (etc.).



Please now hit submit below

(You will be directed to the standard acknowledgement page and may get an e-mail TWICE confirming your submission, if you do, do not worry, I only get the form once!)