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The customer is always right

But could the customer (you) please do things slightly differently next time, don't worry, I have sorted it all out this time but next time......please!

Some common "mistakes" customers make

1. Booking/Changing/Checking a booking by just sending in an e-mail

This is VERY important as I (Philip) do NOT attend and look after the bookings for EVERY gig.

If it is for a change to a booking please use the Alter Ticket button to get to form to use, it is at the top of every page. Thanks

If you use the correct form then the booking gets processed in the correct manner, the forms also generate copies of the bookings which also go to a second web based e-mail address, so if my PC dies I can still pick up your booking. If you just send in an e-mail this might not happen.

ALL BOOKINGS ARE COLLATED BY SURNAME, e-mails tend to get signed off..."Frank" and then I am in to searching by e-mail address and its just an unholy mess as I then have to re-email myself with your booking done correctly, once I have found you.

Also if the office is closed (e.g. holiday) then the forms are set to forward copies of bookings to other persons who might need them. E-mails are not.

2. "Advance" bookings really means not
with an hour or so to go!

At some point I have to leave the office to appear, as if by magic, at the venue, and I shut the office down at 6 p.m. ON THE DOT. Not five past, not three minutes past....ON THE DOT of 6 p.m. So if it has anything to do with bookings for that night's gig....you have missed me!


Philip (Tropic At Ruislip)

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